Peer-to-community trading market launched in Eemnes

i.LECO is proud to have been selected as the commercial platform provider of this innovative Local Energy Community (LEC) based on our previous success in deploying the LES model/whitepaper. Yet one more LEC online via i.LECO according to our product line.

Start of project: 28/11/2019
Location: Eemnes, The Netherlands
Main project delivery to: Eemnes Town

Overall project summary

The citizen-centered energy trading market launched in Eemnes is part of a larger H2020 project called RENAISSANCE. The RENAISSANCE project aims to deliver a community-driven scalable and replicable approach, to implement new business models and technologies supporting clean production and shared distribution of energy in local communities. Eemnes is the most consumer centric pilot in the project and will validate a suite of innovative tools and concepts in real-live conditions. One of these concepts is the Layered Energy System, or LES – a novel solution to a variety of existing and future energy system problems resulting from the energy transition.

i.LECO contribution and value-add

i.LECO is the commercial platform provider and a pioneer of the LES concept. We enable local communities to participate in the LES ecosystem and trade energy with each other in this novel peer-to-community market. In addition to providing an intuitive end-user interface with LES, i.LECO optimizes household energy usage via its state-of-the-art learning algorithms and unlocks the flexibility potential of the whole community. In doing so, we not only reduce end-user costs, but also help mitigate grid congestion. i.LECO will deploy the LES solution in Eemnes, improving the self-sustainability of this suburban municipality by keeping locally produced energy local. Since the actions of residents play a crucial role in this energy transition, i.LECO promotes sustainable behavioral change via its unique gamified platform. While some residents will compete with each other for the top of the community leaderboard, others will like to show off their hard earned badges and distinguished achievements during the next community barbecue.

Short explainer video of the LES concept

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