CE+T Real-Time Battery Control

Sam De Frene (CEO CE+T Energrid): “We are very pleased about the good collaboration with i.LECO to achieve this complex novel setup for us and showing already first good results from smart battery charging with advanced algorithms of their EMS and thanks to the extensive tests we did, we feel comfortable to start the replication now towards our customers.” 

Start of project: 07/2019
Operational as of: 01/2020
Location: Liege, Belgium
Main project delivery to: CE+T Group


Overal project summary

CE+T wanted to become more sustainable and save energy costs by means of installing local solar on it’s roof; using it as much as possible real time; and additionally wanting to decrease the grid fees. To achieve this they decided to use their own new battery system (from their daughter company CE+T Energrid) which additionally could serve as a showcase of the capabilities of their own technology. To increase the value they needed an EMS and after a careful selection process i.LECO was awarded the deal because of it’s innovative and broad service value experience and ability to validate more services on the site in the future (e.g. hourly energy market pricing grid stabilization, …).

The final setup is reflected below schematically and the battery part physically is also illustrated. Note that the 85kWh energy content will be increased most likely around summer 2020 with an additional 50kWh.


i.LECO contribution and value-add:

Complementing the above mentioned physical setup of solar, battery and loads on a medium-sized business site, i.LECO delivers an EMS with smart battery charging as the core service proposition. The involvement of i.LECO starts from simulation to select the optimal battery sizing and then moves to operations with the selected battery. The service is built up in a layered manner with a cloud-based slower self-learning algorithm combined with a fast local control part at the site. This approach guarantees the best possible multi-service optimization (e.g. peek capacity, self-consumption, hourly trading market) combined with local fast reactivity and risk mitigation. The service contains all elements of a novel smart grid energy service, being forecasting of the full site’s energy profile, optimal scheduling of battery usage ahead of time and real-time control optimization based on the actual situation.

As an example below is the first month’s of operational grid-connected power-profile with and without smart control.

The smart battery service achieved 72 % of the consumption peak in January 2020. The result is achieved by only 13 battery cycles. The months thereafter, the standard peak shaving battery controlling has been extended with self-consumption service and it will be compared with naive battery control algorithm.

Look for more information about CE+T Energrid itself: https://cet-energrid.com/

i.LECO is thus well on track to help CE+T, to achieve a better Solar+ battery value.

Please contact (info@ileco.energy ) to find out how we can help you save costs, become more sustainable with our advanced EMS.