i.LECO is pleased to be one of the partners of the H2020 NRG2Peers project. After the online kick-off meeting on 7th September, we officially started with this European project, whose main aim is to support the uptake of the next generation of peer-to-peer Energy Communities in Europe.

The unique value that i.LECO brings to this project is based on our knowledge and experience in areas such as LECs, energy markets, P2P trading & blockchain. We will also play a major role in the gamification of the platform,  which will help boost user engagement

We are working with the Dutch grid operator Stedin to extend the functionality of the existing local energy communities platform using the “Layered Energy System” software implementation. This is a system where people can exchange energy within their community. This system is already being tested in sites such as Hoog Dalem and Woerden, which will be further advanced in NRG2Peers.

For more current info: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/890345

If you want to find out even more about the NRG2Peers project, a project website will be available soon!