i.LECO is pleased to have been selected based on our thorough experience in this topic and looking forward to guide the project and the city Mechelen towards good decision making of future smart energy operations. We will support – together with Think-E  & SuReal  – the city of Mechelen in making the right decisions for their pilot. An innovative pilot project where a local energy community is built in an innovative parking lot, connecting e-mobility with local and sustainable energy production, storage and management.

The LEC is part of a novel development in Mechelen, keerdok: https://www.mechelen.be/keerdoksite    

In which this analysis for parking and EV are related to the first development to happen: https://www.mechelen.be/fase-i-parkeergebouw-en-rode-kruisplein

More information on the EU project in which Mechelen is part of: https://northsearegion.eu/access/pilots/mechelen/