14 June 2019 – Interreg Flanders-Netherlands has confirmed the granting of a subsidy for the
realization of the project DeeldeZon with new project partners Pajopower and i.LECO.
Shared Electric Vehicles are loaded via smart bi-directional charging poles with the energy of solar
roofs and wider green day-ahead energy market services. On the reverse the energy of these cars
can be extracted back from the car when there is a lot of demand for electricity and/or other
optimization reason. For the coming 2 years, the Flemish and Dutch consortium partners Zonnova,
Buurauto, ZuidtrAnt, MijnDomeinEnergie, i.LECO, Pajopower and Over Morgen will make this
In the Project DeeldeZon, shared EVs function in fact as neighborhood batteries with sustainable
energy. This allows an energy-neutral system to be set up in the built environment. With the
knowledge and expertise of the partners, a network of a total of 80 solar roofs, 80 bi-directional
charging poles and 150 electric part cars will be realized. DeeldeZon overall concept is a great mix of
cutting edge technology combined with low-tech and maximal sustainable usage and can serve as a
true example of future sustainable mobility.
i.LECO is proud to have been selected to enable this project’s smart charging services with it’s
advanced energy software platform.
Interreg Flanders-Netherlands subsidizes cross-border projects that are committed to innovation. It is
part of the European Regional Development Fund.

For more information, please contact Johan Janse as the main project coordinator via
johan@zonnova.nl (tel.+ 31613853237) or for overall communication of the project Skadi
Nakawooya via skadi.renooy@overmorgen.nl (tel. + 316 21896263) or for smart charging Stefan
Lodeweyckx via stefan.lodeweyckx@ileco.energy.