CREATORS is a Horizon 2020 EU funded project carried out by 17 partners from across Europe that aims to accelerate the integration of Community Energy Systems by supporting local initiators throughout the entire life cycle of a project and bring CES-as-a-service model to the market.

The project, coordinated by CORDEEL NV, started in September 2020 and will last 38 months. The CREATORS consortium is uniquely positioned to deliver the CES software suite and bring it to market. The consortium includes energy, engineering, construction, software and modelling centred firms as well as site owners, managers and public promoters of CES. More information can be found on the project web page:

The basic goal of the CREATORS project is to develop applications and service packages that will help the “creators” of future CES in starting, planning, implementing and managing technologically advanced and business-successful CES in order to accelerate their creation and development.

i.LECO has vital responsibility for the CES software suite development. i.LECO is the leader of work package 3: Creating energy management and trading platform for CES.  Among other, our tasks are to collect data from site locations, simulate various existing/planned energy technologies on site locations and make/execute energy management of controllable devices in order to optimise CES performance on energy market. Together with Typhoon Hil (Serbia), the plan is to realise digital twinning of the site locations that helps decision makers to have better CES potential overview.

Four site locations for the Tier 1 project implementation are: Cordeel Zetel Temse (Belgium), Port of Barcelona (Spain), SIJ Acroni, Jesenice (Sloveni

a) and Tartu (Estonia). While the project advanced, more information will be added on the i.LECO web page.